Inclined lifts

Mobility options are a decisive factor in social participation and, therefore, in the personal, social, and professional development and realisation of every individual; the principle of freedom of movement as increased quality for every user.

Inclined lift systems (Lifts with inclined travel path) – effective APM’s (Automated People Movers) are a component of a modern, dynamic transportation concept: small, fully-automatic delivery units that enable us to manage inclines and rises. With them, differences in altitude are able to be covered quickly, safely, and comfortably. No tiresome towing after shopping, no bothersome trudging with baggage or baby strollers. Besides this, a trip with an inclined lift is always an attraction.

Inclined lifts are ideal systems bridging the gap between walking distances and/or larger transportation systems, providing fully automatic, barrier-free door to door transportation between different levels. They are a comfort gain for all users, with or without mobility restrictions.

Our systems:

  • The iCab ® system for cabins up to 14 passengers
  • The Twinliner system for cabins form 16 to 50 passengers


  • Low operating, maintenance and maintenance and lifecycle costs
  • Low staff and energy costs
  • Accessibility for persons with luggage or strollers and persons with disability
  • Problem-free intermediate landings
  • Environmentally friendly ground routing possible