About us

Who we are?

Founded by Konrad Doppelmayr in 1893, Doppelmayr has been manufacturing gondolas and Aerial ropeway systems, automated people mover systems, material transport systems, Warehousing systems, lifts with inclined travel path (inclined lifts) and funiculars.

Since its founding in 1997, ABS Transportbahnen GmbH has built numerous international inclined lifts and funiculars.

What we do?

We have over 20 years of expertise. Our expertise lies in designing and creating solutions in outer environments. We are able to build inclined lifts even in harsh cold winter environments.


The systems of ABS have initially been developed for automated short range transportation to ski resorts, providing skiers with rail-based transportation to exposed mountainous areas. The use of lift technology allows for automatic operation like on a modern building elevator, whereas ropway technology used elsewhere in the Alps requires monitoring by operation managers and machinists on duty.