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Oslo / Norway

The legendary Holmenkollen ski jump is located on the eponymous mountain in the centre of Oslo. It was opened in 1892 for the first time, making it the oldest ski jump in the world.

In 2010, this famous symbol of Oslo was renovated. The new jump features an outstanding design and technical details. Accordingly, the selection of a suitable lift was subject to special standards in terms of technology, quality, and design.

The spectacular inclined lift passes within the freely floating jump tower to the start area of the jumpers and to a viewing platform, where visitors and tourists are able to enjoy the impressive panorama over the Oslofjord.



Year of construction: 2009
System: Inclined lift
Drive: Traction drive


Length: 108 m
Difference in level: 63 m
Inclination: 36°


Rail type: HEA
Track gauge: 1.200 mm

Operating data

Cabin capacity: 16 passengers
Travel speed: 2 m/s
Total capacity: 248 pphd
Holmenkollen Oslo
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