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Adventure Castle

Hohenwerfen / Austria

The revitalisation of the Hohenwerfen Adventure Castle is a real success story: Since the opening of the castle grounds in 1987, it has become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Salzburg's Pongau region.

One name is inseparably connected with this development: Castle Manager Peter Meikl, who has been master of the castle and its fate for more than 28 years. In August 2008, he greeted the 2 millionth anniversary visitor to the castle.

"There's nothing more pleasing than revitalising a historical structure and being able to operate the whole thing economically! The castle is now a commercial operation with a balanced book," exclaims Peter Meikl, and when asked about 'his' castle railway: "The decision for this inclined lift was the most important step in securing the future of Hohenwerfen. Two thirds of the the guests use the inclined lift. Only every third guest walks up. By operating this mountain railway, we have increased our visitors by 13 percent to a current level of 150,000 guests per year. The number of events like company parties, markets, and weddings was even able to be increased by 75 percent."



Year of construction: 2006
System: Inclined lift
Drive: Traction drive


Length: 185 m
Difference in level: 114 m
Inclination: 38°


Rail type: HEA
Track gauge: 1.200 mm

Operating data

Cabin capacity: 25 passengers
Travel speed: 2 m/s
Total capacity: 280 pphd
Burg Hohenwerfen
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