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Zelfenschanze Tschagguns

Vorarlberg / Austria

The four ski jumps with hillsizes 108, 66, 40 and 22 m form the centerpiece of the Nordic concept in Vorarlberg's Montafon valley. At the location of the former Zelfenschanze (1937 it was the largest ski jump in Austria!), an architecturally elegant complex was built with harmoniously embedded jumps in the landscape.


The ski jumping facility Tschagguns is a modern and innovative center for Nordic skiing as an impulse for the next young talents, the performance and mass sports as well as for tourism.


Year of construction: 2014
System: Inclinde lift
Drive: Traction drive


Length: 244 m
Difference in level: 107 m
Inclination: 16 - 34°


Rail type: HEA-Bearing
Track gauge: 1.200 mm

Operating data

Cabin capacity: 16 passengers
Travel speed: 2 m/s
Total capacity: 173 pphd

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