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Beach railway Göhren Insel Rügen


From the cabin you have a breathtaking panoramic view of the Baltic Sea with the 350-meter "Seebrücke" pier, the wide, white sandy beach and the attractively designed amber promenade. In the dark, the glass cabin can already is recognizable from far from afar by their oversized, glowing replica of amber.


"With this lift, Göhren is a pioneer in the holiday country Mecklenburg-Vorpommern," says spa director Jörn Fenske with satisfaction. "This construction of the inclined elevator is also a very special 'lighthouse project'!"


Especially families with children, guests with health problems and even more wheelchair users are using the inclined elevator as an appreciated alternative to climbing over the steep Strandberg or instead the 148 steps from the promenade to the village center.


Year of construction: 2014
System: Inclined lift
Drive: Traction drive


Length: 100 m
Difference in level: 30 m
Inclination: 15 - 40°


Rail type: Round profile
Track gauge: 1.000 mm

Operating data

Cabin capacity: 12 passengers
Travel speed: 2 m/s
Total capacity: 170 pph

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