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Güssing Castle

Güssing / Austria

The castle railway in Güssing celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2010.

Court Councillor Dr. Janics: "I'm still proud today that we made the decision for this modern lift.

After 10 years of operating experience, all of our expectations have been met and even exceeded: This inclined lift highlights its value with its problem-free, low-maintenance operation, extremely low operating costs, and, last but not least, the fact that our guests, including numerous seniors, completely enjoy the trip up to the castle. The traditional Castle Festival in the summer, musicals and concerts in the castle courtyard, numerous other events, and also our restaurant - none of this would be conceivable today without this valuable lift."



Year of construction: 2000
System: Inclined lift
Drive: Traction drive


Length: 95 m
Difference in level: 51 m
Inclination: 32°


Rail type: Monorail
Track gauge: 550 mm

Operating data

Cabin capacity: 16 passengers
Travel speed: 2 m/s
Total capacity: 298 pphd
Burg Güssing
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