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People Mover

Inclined Lifts / Funicular

Mobility options are a decisive factor in social participation and, therefore, in the personal, social, and professional development and realisation of every individual; the principle of freedom of movement as increased quality for every user.

People movers are a component of a modern, dynamic transportation concept: small, fully-automatic delivery units that enable us to manage inclines and rises. With them, differences in altitude are able to be covered quickly, safely, and comfortably. No tiresome towing after shopping, no bothersome trudging with baggage or baby strollers. Besides this, a trip with an inclined lift is always an attraction.


Urban Transport


Castles and tourism

Innerwaldshuttle I + II, Sölden, AT

Schlossbergbahn, Freiburg, DE

Festungsshuttle, Ehrenbreitenstein, Koblenz

Seebrücke Insel Rügen, Sellin, DE

Cityliner, Viborg, Denmark, DK


Castle Güssing, Burgenland, AT

Adventure Castle Hohenwerfen, AT

Gediminas Castle, Vilnius, Lithuania, LT 

Citadel, Deva, Romania, RO

Biela Pút' Jasná, Slovakia, SK

Ski jumps


Private Resorts

Erdinger Arena, Oberstdorf, DE 

Mühlenkopf Ski Jump, Willingen, DE

Homenkollen, Oslo, NOR

Erzurum I + II, Turkey, TR


Agathenhof, Micheldorf, AT

Private Villa, Vienna, AT 

Hotel President, Dubrovnik, Croatia, HR

Residenz, Zell am See, AT